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Nadia Y. Ahmad

Nadia Y. Ahmad

My interests focus on the environmental and personal factors that influence empathic processes (perspective taking, empathic concern, and empathic accuracy), with a focus on parental and medical caregivers. A specific interest of mine is understanding how empathic tendencies influence caregivers' likelihood of experiencing burnout and distress, and whether interventions to maintain empathic functioning over time could benefit the well-being of caregivers as well as the recipients of their care. I am currently studying empathic functioning and outcomes in medical students and mothers of young children in adverse environmental contexts.

Primary Interests:

  • Communication, Language
  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Health Psychology
  • Helping, Prosocial Behavior

Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

  • Batson, C. D., Ahmad, N., Powell, A. A., & Stocks, E. L. (2007). Prosocial motivation. In J. Shah & W. Gardner (Eds.), Handbook of Motivation Science (pp. 135-149). New York: Guilford.
  • Batson, C. D., Ahmad, N., & Stocks, E. L. (2010). Four forms of prosocial motivation: Egoism, altruism, collectivism, and principlism. In D. Dunning (Ed.), Social Motivation. New York: Psychology Press.

Nadia Y. Ahmad
Department of Family and Community Medicine
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226
United States of America

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